Uplist standardizes attributes for office automation & surveillance products and enforced data consistency, drastically reducing product mismatches

Client Background

Our client deals in home & office lighting, automation and security & surveillance products, with more than a 100,000 SKUs. Due to poor quality of product data the search results on their online store was yielding incorrect product matches, wrong images and out-of category product pages.


  • Inconsistencies in product data
  • Products assigned to the "General" product type with default attributes
  • Attribute field was not enabled in many products
  • Similar products were assigned different attributes/ values
  • Too many custom attributes leading to repetition of product features

Scope of Work

Inventory Management
Order Processing
Catalog Management
  • Sorting products in correct category
  • Category-wise attribute standardization
  • Assigning accurate attributes to each product type within the category
  • Standardized attribute names across product types
  • Standardized UoM (unit of measurement) & dimension attributes
  • Convert existing product data in the attributed format

Desired Outcome

  • Increased data consistency
  • Reduced new item set-up time
  • Optimized order processing, management and fulfilment

The Solution

Our content enrichment team optimized the product attribution process ensuring all existing SKUs had been assigned correct attributes, attribute values were populated and products were listed under the correct categories. We also helped eliminate data redundancy and drove up the accuracy of keyword search and product match.

Manage your product data efficiently

Online sellers and eCommerce companies turn to Uplist to create and manage their
product catalogs and gain competitive advantage in the search market.

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