amazon a+ content for conversion

How to boost your conversions with Amazon A+ Content

How do marketeers create awareness about their products?
How does a brand differentiate itself from competitors?
How do you stand out in the crowd? 

These are important questions that must be addressed by all online sellers to succeed in their eCommerce ventures.

What is Amazon A+ Content

Amazon A+ Content (known earlier as Enhanced Brand Content) is used by sellers on Amazon to make their product pages stand out over the competition. The tool lets brand owners enhance their PDPs (Product Detail Pages) and showcase their trademark products in a visually appealing manner. It allows the use of custom made creatives like images, infographics, comparison charts and videos for your product pages to create compelling product content.

Amazon A+ Content not just drives traffic to your product pages, but also gets you unbeatable conversions and higher sales.

Include visuals for better retention

Research shows that if you include a visual element in product descriptions, 65% of customers can retain the information even after 3 days, as compared to just 10% retention for a product page without visuals. If your product page contains a lot of text-only content like paragraphs or long lists,  customers may not understand all the features listed, especially for products that have multiple applications. On the other hand, a short video demonstrating the product or its applications will help get your message across much faster.

Create your brand story

Storytelling is another powerful tool that can be used in online marketing. Though product features and price are important to the consumer buying behavior, the connection and trust that you build with brand stories can help drive long term engagement. If you are a new brand it is even more important to weave your brand story into your product descriptions. For example, an environmentally conscious brand can talk about how their products or services make a positive impact on mother nature across the entire value chain including the customer.

Replicate in-person buying experience

Using Amazon A+ Content you can closely replicate the offline buying experience. With images, videos and 3D views of a product, customers can get a much better sense of the actual product, its look and feel, its size and shape etc. Short interactive videos on product features that play out based on customer's input can be both informative and fun resulting in a great user experience.

Check if you are eligible for A+ Content

Due to the unique features and the competitive advantage provided by A+ Content, only sellers approved by the Amazon Brand Registry process and acknowledged as brand owners are eligible to use it. Emerging brands that are a part of managed selling programs like LaunchPad and Amazon Exclusives can also use this feature.

If you are an approved brand owner,  bear in mind that A+ Content can only be used for those ASINs (Amazon Standard Identification Number) that are a part of your approved brand catalog. 


Amazon A+ Content arms you with creative tools to market your products to potential customers. It gives you an opportunity to convey the USPs of your product, build differentiation, and create a compelling brand story through visuals like videos, charts and custom images. 

Using Amazon A+ Content as part of your marketing strategy will help you achieve a significantly higher mindshare for your products. So go ahead and take advantage of this feature to drive up your sales. 

Talk to us if you need help with leveraging Amazon A+ Content for your brand.

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