ecommerce catalog management

Why do you need Catalog Management for your eCommerce store

Efficient catalog management is critical for the success of your eCommerce business.

Presenting product information that is clear, informative and easy to read is the key building trust with buyers in online shopping.

What is eCommerce Catalog management

A Product Catalog provides details like product name, essential features, dimensions, supplier info, price, and shipping particulars. Catalog management is the process of keeping these details accurately updated across all stakeholders in an e-commerce business. This ecosystem includes the manufacturer, supplier, distributor, retailers, shipping companies and the end customer.

Timely update your product data

A proper Catalog management process ensures timely updates to product data even as the supply chain unfolds from supplier to shipment to the customer. It also ensures that product data is normalized across the supply chain. For instance, if the unit of measurement for a product differs between the supplier and customer, there will be a high probability of incorrect product orders and returns. The availability of detailed information also enhances the customer’s buying experience by ensuring that the product being searched is found easily and correctly, whether online or offline.

Enhance your cross channel sales 

Customers do a lot of research across various marketplaces before making a purchase decision. As a seller on multiple channels, the challenge you will face is that each eCommerce marketplace has different requirements for product listing. The same product, for example, will be listed differently on Amazon and Alibaba. Having an efficient catalog management system ensures that your product information remains consistent across different social media platforms, marketplaces, website and blogs. If a customer conducts a quick search, they should get a similar price, product description, and product features regardless of the channel. This consistency enhances consumer confidence and trust in your brand. 

Fuel your business growth

With the ever increasing eCommerce channels, increasing your product range and shortening the cycle time to sales will be critical for success. A well oiled catalog management process will help in managing multiple product categories with higher volumes and faster GTM (go-to-market) for new products. Managing existing SKUs, adding new ones and pushing them to multiple sales channels will become faster and seamless. Consistency of data across multiple channels will project a strong brand message to prospective customers and convert into higher purchase transactions, even in your new product categories and fuel rapid growth.

Why work with us

eCommerce catalog management is a daunting and time-consuming task especially for small and mid-sized retail businesses. Our catalog management process combines the best of automation with human inputs, reduces product listing time, increases multi-channel data consistency and shortens your GTM for new product categories.

Talk to us to know how we can be your partner in success.

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