Uplist overhauls product data for a medical equipment marketplace and sets up dedicated team for the client’s back-end operations

Client Background

The client is leading B2B medical supplies marketplace with a wide range of products catering to the healthcare fraternity including medical equipment, diagnostic machines, lab apparatus and instruments, rehabilitation devices and therapeutic gadgets and hospital consumables. Their main customer segment is small to mid-sized hospitals, clinics and diagnostic centres in tier II and tier III towns across the country.


As they listed products from medical suppliers across the globe, it was a big challenge to collect the product data spread across multiple sources, summarize the information, normalize the attributes per category and standardize the unit of measurements in product specifications.

Scope of Work

Inventory Management
Order Processing
Catalog Management
  • Match, de-duplicate, standardize and update information of over 50,000 existing SKUs
  • Formulate content writing guidelines across categories
  • Re-write the product titles & descriptions
  • Fill up gaps in product specification content
  • Ensure correct bread crumb trail for each product types
  • Rearranging collection path for product data

New Products

  • Collect product data from supplier documentation, manufacturer data-sheets and brand websites
  • Create search friendly product titles & product descriptions
  • Normalize the attributes for product specifications for each category and enter spec data for each SKU accordingly
  • Collect product images for all SKUs
  • Perform digital image manipulation for optimal display
  • Daily product upload

As the medical field is highly specialized and sensitive to incorrect product information, we also set up a process to seamlessly authenticate technical information with manufacturer content and the respective category expert before being listed on the marketplace

Desired Outcome

  • Uniform look and feel of product pages across categories
  • Pre-authenticated technical information
  • Completeness of product data including product images

The Solution

For the existing SKUs already listed on the marketplace, the quality team cleaned up product content and plugged the gaps by identifying the discrepancies, getting clarifications from healthcare category specialist and then uploading the corrected content. For new products that were sent for listing on the marketplace, a supplier interface team was set up to clarify and fill-in gaps after consultation with suppliers, manufacturer or the brand and then pass on to data entry team for creating the product pages and CMS upload.

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